A.P.P.S.: Autonomous Photovoltaic Power Supply

mapps1Reliable, stand-alone solar power for every location
…and application.

APPS is the only solar system that gives you the power to run critical Ioads with confidence.

APPS stands for Autonomous Photovoltaic Power Supply, and it’s the only complete stand-alone solar electric system designed for industrial/telecom applications and approved for Class 1, Div. II hazardous locations (UL Pending).

What does a certified system mean to you?
lt means that the world’s most trusted narre in testing, Underwriters Labora­ tories, has independently certified APPS as safe for use in the highest level of hazardous locations — potentially explosive areas where there’s the possible presence of flammable gases, vapors or liquids. APPS will be the first solar power system in the world to meet UL’s most rigorous HazLoc safety standard.
Using APPS insures — no matter what your location, or application — that you can safely and reliably generate electricity to power your equipment anywhere the sun shines, even under the most hazardous conditions.
More power,for more sites.
For off-grid sites, APPS 12- and 24-volt DC systems are the ideal power solution for any number of applications, including:

  • Lighting
  • Tower beacons
  • Flow monitoring
  • Microwave relay
  • UHFNHF radio links
  • Video surveillance
  • Navigational aids
  • Cathodic protection
  • Irrigation control
  • Railroad signaling
  • Wireless data, and more…
  • Security systems
  • Rural habitation
  • Seismic monitoring
  • Tank gauging

And because APPS are shipped as complete, easy-to-assemble systems, they dramatically decrease the cost of installation, too. Just mount the solar modules and enclosure, connect them with the included wiring, and you’re ready to go.


Every APPS system comes complete with everything you need to Start producing power, instantly. All you have to do is determine how much power you need, and well help you pick the appropriate-sized system.


APPS systems were designed for, and have been rigorously tested in, extremely harsh environments to ensure reliable, trouble-free Operation. From broiling deserts to freezing mountains, APPS systems have proven they can take the heat …and the cold.
Thousands of APPS systems have been deployed over the past 15 years in locations around the world. Each component is also completely factory tested prior to shipping, so you can be assured that when your system arrives, it’s ready to work.


More engineers choose APPS systems because they combine all the features they need in one, safe, sealed, simple-to-install unit.That’s why you’II find APPS systems operating in every corner of the world, in every type of climate.
Plug your project into APPS, and you’II never have to worry about where your power is coming from again.

  • High efficiency solar modules
  • Maintenance-free,sealed gel-cell non-spillable batteries
  • Low voltage load protection and temperature compensated charging
  • DIN-Rail mounted circuit breakers for easy access
  • Load, array, and battery disconnects
  • Durable, lockable, powder-coated white aluminum battery control enclosure
  • Optional stainless steel battery/control enclosure available
  • Heavy-duty mountng structure
  • Extra room for your equipment – each MAPPS package has roughly 12 cu/in of extra space in the electronics compartment – plenty of room for you to add your own SCADA, radio, GPS or VSAT equipment.
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Color-coded, pre-cut wiring harness for fast installation
  • Simple installation/operations manual and complete system schematics
  • Up to 25-year warranty on solar modules and a full 12-months on the complete system
  • Approved Class 1 Div. II hazardous location safety rating (UL pending)